NOT Honeybees.

​NOT Honeybees


When a honeybee hive becomes overcrowded it will swarm.  Swarming is the way honeybees reproduce/create additional hives.  When a hive swarms, the queen and usually half the colony will leave the original hive and look for a new home.  The original hive will raise a new queen.  There are now two colonies of bees!

A swarm looks intimidating with several thousand honeybees clumped together, but they are the most docile when swarming.  The swarm will usually land on a tree branch, fence post or other structure while it sends out scout bees to find a new home.

​What should you do if you find a swarm on your property?  Please DO NOT spray insecticide/wasp spray on honeybees!                   If left alone, the swarm will eventually relocate to a new home, typically within a few hours or sometimes as long as a day or two.  If you discover a swarm on your property, we recommend calling a beekeeper.  Bees in an inconvenient area can be pesky and even dangerous.  Swarms in urban and suburban areas are at risk of moving into a structure or house instead of a tree.

Before calling a beekeeper, it is helpful to know if the "bees" are in fact honeybees.  Nottingham Bees, LLC removes honeybees, but we do not remove wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.  It is common to misidentify buzzing, stinging insects.  

Interested in bees?  

Join us at the Metro Beekeepers Association meetings in Fort Worth on the second Monday of each month.  More information is available at

Need a honeybee swarm removed?  

Beekeeper removal list available at

Bee Removers of Texas

We will ask the following questions:

  • Is the swarm on your property?  If the swarm is on your neighbor's property, we will need their permission.​
  • How long has the swarm been there?
  • Have you taken any action to remove the swarm?
  • Are they honeybees? (Please see identification chart below.)
  • Can you send a picture?
  • How high off the ground are the bees?

There is a small swarm removal fee to cover time and gas. Established hives in houses will be referred to beekeepers who specialize in cut outs.